Decree No. 12 of the Ministry of Science

Decree No. 12 of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation was published on 30 July in the Official Gazette, which creates the Ministerial Scientific Assessment Committee for the Availability of a Covid-19 Vaccine (“Committee”), which will advise the Ministry on the definition of criteria and grounds for determining the viability of clinical trials for a Covid-19 vaccine in the country.

Its functions include: (i) The provision of specialized advice during the health crisis of Covid-19, suggesting plans to carry out clinical trials for a Covid-19 vaccine in the country; (ii) Offer permanent information regarding the advances and options of vaccines internationally developed; (iii) Recommend suitable candidates for clinical trials in the country, considering criteria of stage of progress, costs, previous collaborative experiences of the candidate, among others.

The Commission is comprised by 7 members and meets on ordinary and extraordinary sessions, during which specialists and experts in immunology or other disciplines can be invited. However, the agreements of the Commission are consultative, so its decisions are not binding for the Ministry.

Finally, the decree establishes the responsibility of the Ministry to provide all the resources and technical and administrative support for the correct and efficient operation of the Commission.