Decree No. 19 about direct importation of medications, supplies and medical devices

Decree No. 19 of the Ministry of Health was published on June 6th in the Official Gazette. The latter modifies Decree No. 4 of February 8, 2020 by virtue of which the sanitary alert was decreed, granting extraordinary powers to authorities dependent on said Ministry. In this new modification, the Undersecretariat of Healthcare Networks and the Undersecretariat of Public Health are empowered to carry out the direct importation of medications, supplies and medical devices that are necessary for the fulfillment of the faculties granted to the health sector through Decree No. 4.

Additionally, the Undersecretariat of Assistance Networks is empowered to set the maximum price to be paid by the general population for certain medical devices, elements and sanitary supplies, health benefits and sanitary services, as well as all goods and services necessary to meet the sanitary needs in the health care network.

Finally, the following additional faculties are granted to the Health Superintendency: (i) Supervise and oversee compliance with the administrative coordination measures of all the public and private healthcare centers, issued to face the health alert caused by the Covid-19 Coronavirus, notwithstanding the faculties of control and sanction that the respective SEREMI of Health may exercise in this regard, as provided in Book X of the Sanitary Code; (ii) Dictate, through the Intendancy of Providers, the general and particular instructions to the institutional health providers, that are deemed necessary to support the fulfillment of the administrative and technical measures ordered by the Undersecretary of Assistance Networks; (iii) Register in the Registry of Individual Healthcare Providers, doctors with degrees obtained abroad whose title is not revalidated or authorized in Chile, in accordance with the provisions of No. 14 of Article 4 of this decree, duly informed to the Superintendency by the Health Services; (iv) Issue general and particular instructions to Accrediting Entities, provide for the extension of the validity of the accreditation of institutional providers and set new deadlines for their reaccreditation request.