Resolution N ° 591 updates sanitary measures

Resolution N ° 591 of the Ministry of Health was published in the Official Gazette on July 25, updating the sanitary measures available to control the emergency due to COVID-19, establishing the following:

  1. General sanitary measures. These include (i) the installation of customs and sanitary controls in all the points of entry to the country, including ports, airports and bus terminals, in addition to the establishment of isolation or quarantines for specific locations; (ii) Isolations due to specific hours, or curfew, between 22:00 and 05:00, in the whole country; (iii) Isolation or quarantine regarding certain population, among others, people over 75 years of age, authorizing them to leave their homes for a maximum of one hour a day, at certain times. Likewise, isolation or quarantine is provided for those who enter the country, regardless of the country of origin and of those who are confirmed or probable cases, among others; (iv) Protection measures for vulnerable populations; (v) Use of masks; (vi) Physical distancing measures; (vii) Cleaning and disinfection measures; (viii) Conditions for public information; (ix) Other general protection measures; (x) Administrative measures; (xi) Price fixations, and (xii) General Provisions.
  2. Plan “Paso a paso” and description of its stages.
  3. Final provisions.

The detail of the indicated sanitary measures and the steps of the “Paso a paso” plan can be reviewed at the following link.