Notaries set 20 procedures that can be done by video conference

Despite the fact that, in the Metropolitan Region, the notaries are already operating normally, they are doing so on a limited number of hours. For this reason, to help elderly people and to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, they established 20 procedures that can be done by video conference, among which are:

  • Residence certificate.
  • Salary certificate.
  • Certificate to prove student status.
  • Certificate to prove who a person lives with.
  • Certificate of career title (extends to all professions).
  • Tax re-appraisal reduction certificate.
  • Certificate of civil status.
  • Certificate of survival.
  • Certificate of patrimonial regime or Civil Union Agreement.
  • Legalization of photocopies before notaries for public bodies when they already have this information in their systems.

For more information, you can contact the Association of Notaries, Conservators and Judicial Archivists of Chile by:

Phione: +56 226 713 557 and +56 232 513 001
WhatsApp: + 56 94 681 8356
Twitter: @NotarConser_cl
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